About Us

What is the 342 Trust?
The function of the 342 Trust is to consider requests to fund the purchase of items that would assist you to live independently, with or without the help of carers, such as stair lifts, appropriate bathing facilities, adapted telephones, accessible worktops and ramps. We will also consider applications for funds to help with a short respite break. Our core target group consists of elderly Jewish people and their close family in the East Midlands.

How was the 342 Trust formed?
The 342 Trust came into being as a consequence of the closure of Abbeyfield (Leicester). Abbeyfield (Leicester) opened on June 9th 1999 to provide sheltered housing for older Jewish people.
In January 2000 Abbeyfield (Leicester) purchased 342 London Road, a large Victorian building which had previously been used as a hotel, with money raised by donations from Trusts and individuals, the Jewish community and social events.
For 14 years Abbeyfield flourished, providing a way of life of care, companionship, security and kosher food for over 50 people. Unfortunately with more people staying longer in their own homes, and the Jewish population diminishing in Leicester the demand eventually ceased, and reluctantly we decided to close and put the money raised to good use while still supporting the local elderly Jewish community.
In February 2013 Abbeyfield (Leicester) was sold and The 342 Trust was formed with the proceeds, keeping the same aims as Abbeyfield, that is, to assist elderly Jewish people in the Midlands to live independent lives.

How will people discover the 342 Trust?
There will be direct mailing, by post or email, to relevant Jewish organisations, particularly synagogues, to publicise us to their members and visitors. It is recommended that these Jewish organisations do so by adding a link to the 342 Trust on their websites, and printing off leaflets from the Trust website. Similar proactive contact will be made to Jewish care groups, local authorities and social services managers in the East Midlands.

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